1) Remove stern drive, separate instructions
2) Clean surface of bearing with cloth
3) Insert two fingers in bearing and rotate back and forth
4) If bearing feels hard or gritty when turned it must be changed
5) If water is found inside the bellows look for a hole in the side
6) If pressure with your finger in the folds of the bellows punctures it, replace it
7) Inspect the front of the old bearing for two notches on the outer shell
8) These notches are the location for the removal of the center bearing
9) The actual bearing rotates in this shell like an eye in a socket
10) With the blade of a large screwdriver hit the outer edge of the bearing
11) The force should be 1/2 way between the notches and flip it flat
12) Pull the bearing out of the notches and discard
13) Remove the new bearing from its shell and insert it into the old shell then flip it upright.
14) Be careful that the oil hole on the side of the inner bearing is away from you when flipped up of grease will not reach the bearing
15) In the case where Mercruiser has installed the bearing with the notches away from you the entire assembly must be removed
16) There are several ways to remove the bearing housing, first connect a bearing pull or slap hammer to the inside and remove it
17) In the case of stubborn bearings a threaded bolt can be used to pull from the face of the bell housing

19) To replace the bearing put the old housing on top of the new assembly and drive it to the stop in the hole. Be sure the notches are facing you so it will be easy next time